Camus’ Plague, and Our Own — Three Years Later

Ted Glick
5 min readFeb 11

(Almost three years ago, in March of 2020, in response to the spread of the Covid-19 virus to the United States, I re-read Albert Camus’ masterful book, The Plague. With the Covid plague by no means over but currently in relative remission, hopefully for good — though new viruses could very well emerge at any time, especially among low-wealth people and elders — I am resending this column now. There’s definitely value to reflecting on Camus’ insights.)

“The truth is that nothing is less sensational than pestilence, and by reason of their very…

Ted Glick

Author of Burglar for Peace: Lessons Learned in the Catholic Left's Resistance to the Vietnam War, climate and progressive activist, father, bicyclist, husband